Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today's Jokes by Wendel Potter


I'm sure you know by now that a new pope has been elected.  Pope Francis I.  It took an hour before the Vatican introduced him to the public.  That's because a cardinal from Florida demanded a recount.

The pope is Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio and he's from Argentina.  The first thing he did as pope was kneel down before a statue of the Madonna.  He asked her blessing and told her what a wonderful job she did in the film version of Evita.

Pope Francis is not fluent in English.  His primary language is Spanish.  Finally!  A pope who will be understood by the majority of the people in the United States.

Pope Francis appeared a little nervous when he first stepped out on the balcony to greet the throngs of people gathered in the square.  He was concerned that the white cassock made his butt look fat.

McDonald's has introduced a new yoke-free Egg McMuffin.  It's a takeoff on Burger King's hamburgers, which are beef-free.

Happy 134th birthday to Albert Einstein.  Einstein is most remembered by today's young people for his theory,  E=MC Hammer.



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